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Darker days, darker mind

Our minds reflect what we see. So when we see dark all the time, our thoughts often become darker and deeper. Continue reading

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Week Five: A Time for Friends

I can’t believe that yesterday was 12 weeks until Christmas Day! Still, that’s three months to enjoy before all the festivities. And just like Christmas is a time to be with family, I made this week a time to be … Continue reading

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Never give up on being you

One thing we can be certain of is change. People come and go, situations change. One minute you’re on track, the next all your plans are up in the air. Humans are good at adapting, it’s in our nature. However, … Continue reading

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Week 33: A quote a day

Inspirational quotes are things we believe and that are reinforced in other people’s words, they are a reminder that others share your viewpoint and can prove very useful as a motivator for self-belief. This week I decided to focus on … Continue reading

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Week 18: Positivity as a way of life not just a way of thinking

“Minds are like flowers, they only open when the time is right.”  – Stephen Richards Week 18 was the week where I felt like I’d turned over a new leaf. Things went from being out of reach to achievable and … Continue reading

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