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Practise acceptance to free yourself

My task to myself last week was to see how thick my skin was by practising not taking things so personally. Well the Universe certainly tested me! I had accusations at work, leaving me feeling defensive and vulnerable, I had … Continue reading

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Not everything is a task

This week I was using an app called Let’s Meditate to practice meditation every day. At first I started with just 5 minutes and through the week build it up to 15 minutes. I didn’t know what to make of … Continue reading

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Belonging – my new project

I can’t take full credit for this as it has been inspired by a beautiful book I am reading called Belonging by Toko-pa Turner (read it!) The book touches on how we must learn to look within us for the … Continue reading

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#17 When You Suddenly Realise What You Want

Today is not a Monday, but it feels like one. Perhaps because of the bank holiday yesterday. It’s the start of a new week, a new work week. All in all a pretty good day – the sun was shining, … Continue reading

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Week Sixteen: Act Like A Kid

People always say enjoy life while you’re young and carefree because before too long, the responsibilities pile up, you become rooted or committed by jobs or people and life seems to get more serious. Last week, I shook off my … Continue reading

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Do more of what makes you happy

As I was travelling back from London the other evening, listening to my music and admiring the sunset through the windows of the Oxford Tube, it dawned on me how very simple life can be. Yet we insist on making … Continue reading

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