Love is the foundation of all belonging

Over the last few weeks I have been exploring the topic of belonging and what it means to belong, both to yourself and your community. As my project comes to an end, I wanted to reflect on what I have learnt and what I feel brings me into belonging with myself and my surroundings.

Always choose love

One thing I have learnt is to try to always choose love in a given scenario. Whether that’s seeing the bright side, picking out someone else’s best character traits or forgiving someone in order to move on, it creates a positive buzz of energy.

But we’re not superheros, there are days when you feel angry, hurt or upset and you can’t even think about looking for the love. It’s about balance and trying to choose love more often than anything else.

Make time for your feelings

It’s all too easy to bury our feelings and emotions deep into a pit inside us, without acknowledging that they are even there. I’ve realised that it is ok to recognise these feelings and let them air out in the open, then release them. It means we don’t have to bottle everything up inside us, until an inevitable meltdown.

Learn to say no

Just as it is important to say yes to new experiences, it is also vital to learn your limits and know when to say no to things. Sometimes it’s because you need to honour your own feelings, sometimes it’s because the people aren’t people you want to spend time with or maybe it’s because of the moon cycle. Learning to say no can be hard, especially if you’ve been used to pleasing people, but we need to learn it at some stage to preserve our own sanity.

Remain open to opportunities

Opportunities often present themselves in mysterious ways. Sometimes a bad day leads to a new contract, or a moment of sadness leads to a brilliant creation. By remaining open to opportunities and not closing off when we hit hard times, we allow the Universe to present us with exactly what we need to progress.

Belonging is a journey, it never really stops but we build up a stronger sense of belonging through love, self-care and being open-minded.

Love and belonging Brene Brown

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