Belonging – my new project

I can’t take full credit for this as it has been inspired by a beautiful book I am reading called Belonging by Toko-pa Turner (read it!)

The book touches on how we must learn to look within us for the answers, to sit with pain and worry and learn from them. To be part of a community, we must settle into the bad and good parts of life and not just block them out with medicine or by doing something else.

One thing she talked about which resonated with me was how doubts are actually a way of our bodies telling us to push past the fear to the next stage. That’s what prompted my idea for a new project.

I worry a lot. I have numerous doubt cycles which like to appear on Sundays each week. But I am actually very contented in life right now, so I want to get rid of them.

My belonging project will explore a different topic in each post, inspired by the book, and how I personally tackle it. Similar to my 52 Week Challenge, I am going to challenge myself to get to a greater place of belonging by the end of 2018.

It’s not something you can measure externally, but you can measure the quiet resonance it projects outwards from the core within.

My first week is going to be entitled ‘Belonging is Bold’. It’s about wearing red rather than black, digging out bright pink lipstick on Mondays and knowing that it makes you feel good, that you can be more confident in yourself, that you don’t need to apologise for who you are. It’s about being bold because that’s something I want to be and part of building community is being at peace with all of who you are.

Join my journey, be your own kind of bold this week.

Freedom lies in being bold

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1 Response to Belonging – my new project

  1. YES! I resonated so much with this – I felt this bravery last week but needed a reminder for Monday morning… thank you!

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