#43 Beautiful Life

Days like today when you’re stretched out in a chair in the garden, soaking up the sunshine and listening to the birds, are just perfect. They teach you about being present and the art of just being in the moment.

It’s a time when we look at our lives more positively, we see happiness, hope and joy and we are guided by love, not fear.

You come out of hibernation and look ahead to the coming seasons. We plan trips and holidays, we socialise, we go for walks and we really appreciate how beautiful life is.

The leaves on the trees and flowering plants remind us of the glorious colours of nature, which we almost forgot over winter.

Sunshine brings with it a warmth which we feel right through to our soul. It warms our hearts as well as our bodies and offers us space to be open to new thoughts and opportunities.

This is a time to be so thankful for life and for all the things in it. To bless wildlife, our environment and our friends and family. To be thankful for our house and jobs and being able to enjoy the sunshine.

It fills us with a happiness which is meant to be spread. We smile at neighbours, shopkeepers and strangers and find our hearts more open to loved ones.

There is something so comforting and safe about sitting on a rug in the park with loved ones and just soaking it all in. The chatter, the sun, the food and the company. Time is not of importance on these days and we quite happily pass from afternoon to evening without that sense of rushing.

There is a time to rush and a time to be still, just as there is a time to talk and a time to listen. We must learn that be can’t always be active and on the go and that we need passive times, where life passes us by, to balance us out.

Because that’s what makes our lives so beautiful and rich is that we have a balance. The cold makes us appreciate the warm, the rain makes us appreciate the sunshine and the downtime makes us appreciate everything that keeps us busy.

And when we start to appreciate the beauty of what surrounds us, we see it in everything.

Van Gogh Beauty

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1 Response to #43 Beautiful Life

  1. Such a well-needed reminder Emma – I really need this this weekend, and yet it was only last Monday I was feeling so relaxed and enjoying the sun!

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