#14 We Are All Like Rainbows

A rainbow is an arc of spectral colors that appears in the sky opposite the sun as a result of refractive dispersion of sunlight in drops of rain.


And like the refractive dispersion of rainbows, which causes different colours to refract at different angles, humans reflect different emotions depending on how we are feeling.

Like rainbows, we all reflect something, whether it’s hope, ambition, optimism, cynicism or sadness. We carry around our own colours, feelings and emotions, which can change depending on which angle you look at it. With an upbeat, good friend, your positivity and hope shines through but with a angry or frustrated colleague, your own frustrations and cynicism take root and grow.

Like rainbows, we are all beautiful, we all have our moments to shine. Moments which may have come about because of good times and bad times but nonetheless we made it, our colours are visible for all to see.

Like rainbows, our colours are part of who we are, they don’t start or end at a specific point, they simply blend into another part of us, and the world around us.

Like rainbows, we are complex and intriguing in many ways. We have multiple layers, many standards and rules to follow but you don’t see all of that from the outside. So often people only see a small part of who we are and fill in the rest themselves.

Like rainbows, we are all capable of bringing a smile to someone’s face, of giving hope to people, of making people wonder whether there really is a pot of gold where you’re going.

Like rainbows, we don’t last forever but we do bring joy when we around. Precious moments are there to enjoy and we can never take them for granted.

And finally, rainbows are like life; diverse and exciting and to be treasured like gold!

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