#12 How 30 Days of Wildness Soothes the Soul

I took up the Wildlife Trust’s #30DaysWild challenge throughout the month of June, looking at nature more closely, connecting with it and sharing a photo every day for 30 days.

Butterfly on plant

Whilst out on a lunchtime stroll, had to stop to admire this beautiful Small Tortoiseshell butterfly on a Common Knapweed plant #30DaysWild

It’s true what they say about after 30 days something becomes a habit. I now find myself stopping to watch bees flitting from flower to flower, leaning in closer to see the patterns of butterfly wings or pulling over from the road to take a picture of a good view.

Being an introvert, small things make me far happier than bigger things. Seeing a funny pattern in the cloud gives me far more satisfaction than a 3 course meal, for example.

I find a lot of solace through this connection to nature, which helps me deal with troubling things in my life, such as anxieties, worries and negative thinking. It gives me space to think and breathe and gain perspective that I haven’t  found with anything else.

So don’t listen to cries of retail therapy, massages and holidays as ways to soothe your soul because you can’t escape your problems forever. Instead, feel the pull of woodlands, rivers and flowers and walk amongst them. It’s free!

Look right under your feet and behold the ground and the grass that surrounds us! It’s too easy to walk past a beautiful flower or forget to look up at an entanglement of tree branches and easy isn’t what helps us grow.

Stop and stare, who cares what others think! Look up, look around you, switch off your phone and tune in to nature. I can speak first hand of the benefits it brings and know others who have felt this too.

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