#10 Why Nature Is So Good For Us

Our greatest connection is that with nature. Yet we ignore it, trample on it, bypass it.


Stand there, feel it, smell it, touch it.

Acknowledge the magnificence of nature. The shape of the trees, the beauty of the flowers, the way raindrops hang on spiders’ webs or the smell of wild mint.

We are part of nature too. If you respect it and cherish it, you will find that you also grow.

Nature is full of perfect imperfections and in it we should see a reflection of ourselves. A rose which looks pink and beautiful from afar, has blemishes or oddly shaped petals once up close. Just as people are not photo-shopped images you see in magazines. But embrace it! Show it all off just like the roses do.

We can learn a lot from nature. When we brush away a spider’s web in our home, it moves on and goes to build another one. Just as when we face a set back, we pick ourselves up and try again.

To make our gardens grow and flourish, we invest hard work. Hours of weeding, mowing, pruning and watering and then we reap the benefits. Why, then, do we not always apply this principle to our lives outside of the garden. You have to work hard to get results, we expect too much all at once.

And finally, every tree starts out as a small shoot in the ground. Remember that we all have our foundations somewhere and we can always grow and learn. Don’t rush your growth, admire it, look down from the treetops and see how far you’ve come and then look up and know the sky’s the limit!

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One Response to #10 Why Nature Is So Good For Us

  1. Wandering Suzi says:

    I couldn’t agree more! So much that we can learn from nature, and so therapeutic too. Beautifully put 🙂

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