#9 It’s Ok To Not Stick At Something Forever

Hobbies. We all have different ones and they probably change many times throughout our lives, depending where we are.

I have recently been struggling with the fact that my passion for music and orchestral playing seems to have died a death and I haven’t been playing in an orchestra for months. I feel guilty and feel like I ‘should’ get back into it.

Then the other day I had a revelation. Yes the orchestra may be taking a backseat for now but I am currently heavily involved in my Rotaract group, enjoying gym classes twice a week, gardening regularly and reading a lot more. Things I used to do like group walks on a Sunday, orchestra practice and yoga classes have been replaced by these new hobbies and actually I have no reason to feel guilty.

Apparently there are a group of people, like me, called multipotentialites, who love to dabble in all sorts of things but might not stick to just one thing. Reading about this made me realise that I have been putting a lot of pressure on myself to keep doing everything. In actual fact, I go through phases and it’s not to say I can’t come back to any of my previous hobbies, it’s just that I am enjoying new and different things.

It’s important to recognise that we are all different and, particularly for us multipotentialites, we probably won’t always stick at one thing forever and THAT’S OK.

For me, I like to think it brings excitement and adaptability into my life because I am always on a quest to liven things up and make it different, whether that’s a new date idea with the boyfriend, a change of jobs or a new hobby.

I thought this quote sums it up pretty well:

There’s nothing wrong with having multiple interests. There’s nothing wrong with finding new hobbies, new ideas, new dreams. There’s nothing wrong with letting go what you don’t need anymore. Do whatever makes you – and others – happy. But do it with all your heart.

— Giulia Bergonzoni 

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