#8 Don’t Compare, Look Inwards Instead

In our lives, we all have people who we admire, envy or maybe are jealous of. Maybe they have a nice car that we want, or they have travelled somewhere we want to go, or they seem to have a perfect family.

The thing is, we can be so busy looking across the fence that we forget to look at our own patch. Instead of comparing ourselves to others, we need to start working on reaching our own goals.

Sometimes we think we want something just because someone else has it. When actually, when you give it some thought, it’s not that exact thing we want. So they are travelling to Thailand but is that really what you want too? Maybe not, maybe you just want a holiday. So they have a 3 bed house with a garden? But you forget you are saving towards that. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Like everyone, I have suffered with jealous feelings when friends seem to have something I want. However, I have steadily learnt to stop comparing and instead started to focus inwards and remember that I am also a player in the game of life.

For instance the other day, a friend of mine said she was off to Norway for a week. I instantly felt a pang of jealousy but then reminded myself that I have two holidays coming up this year. Instantly I felt more on a level about it, happy for her that she was having a holiday and also excited for my trips later in the year.

This small mindset shift helped me enormously.

So instead of thinking something like, ‘Oh pity me, I don’t have a car or holiday’, change your game and think more along the lines of ‘I am saving for a nice holiday and a house, and I have lots of great things in my life.’

Sometimes all you need is a bit of perspective.

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