#6 Decisions Decide Destiny

Do you ever have times when nothing seems to be going your way? Your friend cancels your dinner together, you don’t get the job interview or you spill your tea. It happens and sometimes we just have bad days. But sometimes, it seems like the Universe is looking out for you.

Maybe you have a random conversation with someone in a shop and something they say rings true, or you see a poster that inspires you to take up a new hobby. It’s like a series of signposts throughout your day. Some you notice, others pass you by, but they might change the decisions you make.

The Universe is looking out for you. It is directing you, helping you, challenging you. For me, for example, I had a series of failed job applications and began to give up hope but then I was absent-mindedly browsing job sites and came across a role I hadn’t heard of before but liked the sound of.

Suddenly it all seemed to fall in place – what I wanted to do. The conversations I’d had with people in the previous few weeks all made sense and the signs had been leading me here.

It sounds quite out there, a bit fatalistic, but the more you are aware of it, the more you see it. I know some people like to see life as spontaneous and random, and it is really, but you have to make decisions even when spontaneous, and those decisions have to be informed by something.

I have heard it said that you attract what you are, not what you want to be, but people change and often so do the people around them. I know that many of my friendships have changed over the last few years as I have shaped and evolved my values, opinions and aspirations.

When you take a step back and look at what you have achieved and how you got there, you may find yourself saying things like, ” I took that job because I knew so and so”, or “I started photography because friends kept telling me I was good at it” or “I met my partner at a mutual friend’s party”. The link here is people. Coincidence? I don’t think so. The conversations you have and the people you know are part of what shapes you and your life and you are led to them through a series of decisions you make.

Take a look at your friendships, especially your close ones. What do they reflect about you? And then think about what decisions you made to meet those people. Amazing to think that some people in your life, perhaps even your best friends, might not even know you if it wasn’t because of some action you took. Be grateful.

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