#4 Resurrect Your New Year’s Resolutions

Spring is upon us. The nights are lighter, the flowers are blooming and the sound of birds is your morning alarm. This is a wonderful time of year.

A time of new beginnings, when we celebrate Easter and Spring clean our homes to brush out the dust from Winter ‘hibernation’. So it is the perfect time to resurrect any new year’s resolutions which may have been left by the wayside or forgotten.

I took some time to review my own resolutions and see how well I was doing. At the beginning of 2017, I set myself three resolutions:

  1. To schedule free time into my diary and not feel bad about not having plans.
  2. To embrace spontaneity and keep an eye out for last minute events.
  3. To visit family and friends more often.

I must admit that I haven’t been very good at putting free time into my schedule, however I have taken more time out from ‘doing’ things to just ‘being’. I have been reading more books and I started a journal, so I am spending more time on me.

On the spontaneous front, I have been doing ok. I’ve popped round to friends for dinner at short notice, tried a new fitness class on a whim (and now doing it regularly) and made the most of quiet Friday evenings with random phone calls, or impromptu drinks with friends. I can do more and will keep looking out for events on the day.

My third resolution, to visit my friends and family more, is going well. I had an ingenious idea to go pottery painting for my birthday with a group of friends who live in various places around the UK. Then when I collected our final pottery masterpieces, I organised trips to see all my friends in their hometown, and deliver their pieces! Worked a treat, and meant I got a day trip out to somewhere different. I have been making sure I get to see my family every couple of months and, so far, I am on track.

Admittedly, my resolutions do contradict themselves in that one says plan, the other says be spontaneous, but it seems to be helping. I am learning more about balance and how nice it is to have time not filled with plans, to be open to new opportunities.

So whatever it was that you set out to achieve this year, revisit it, dust it off and get back into it!

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