#1 Why Everyone Should See A Therapist

I used to think therapy was for addicts or weak people but now I think anyone can benefit from therapy.

I was first exposed to it when I went to see a hypnotherapist about my fear of motorway driving. I went in wanting to be fixed and I think that is the best way to benefit.After 5 sessions using hypnosis, I was back on the M40 doing my daily commute so I can say first-hand that hypnotherapy does work!

My openness to being healed led me to explore more about myself and my situation. At the time I was struggling with a job I didn’t like and it was impacting on my moods and my relationship, so I was recommended a counsellor by a friend of mine and got in touch.

I was nervous the first time as I had no idea what it was going to be like but I didn’t need to worry, it was just like having a cuppa with a friend and putting the world to rights. I felt at ease right away and my therapist gave me some good strategies to help deal with my moods.

My sessions helped give me clarity of thought and forced me to think differently about things. I went from thinking there was a set way to progress my career to being open to new opportunities and paths that I had never even thought of. It energised me.

Everything you say is confidential and I could email my therapist anytime if I needed support. I went for 6 sessions but everyone is different depending on the issue and my therapist made it clear that I could come back whenever I needed to. It is an ongoing dialogue and the therapist-client relationship can last a lifetime with many people keeping in touch long after they have finished their sessions.

So what did I learn from seeing a therapist?

  1. I learnt not to take other people’s opinions so personally.
  2. I learnt to say ‘should’ less and set more realistic expectations.
  3. I learnt that there isn’t always a right or wrong way to look at something because each of us is different and shaped by our own experiences.
  4. I learnt to be more empathetic, everyone has their own battles going on.

I got a lot from my experience and wouldn’t hesitate to go back to therapy if I was struggling with something in my life. 

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness but rather a sign that you are self-aware enough to know you can’t do it on your own and that is a strength.

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