Week Sixteen: Act Like A Kid

People always say enjoy life while you’re young and carefree because before too long, the responsibilities pile up, you become rooted or committed by jobs or people and life seems to get more serious.

Last week, I shook off my worries, didn’t give a thought to long-term plans or careers or to bills I have to pay and I just acted like a child. Carefree, unafraid and enjoying the small things in life.

I was away at the weekend and took great enjoyment in sliding along the mud in my shoes, in dancing around a garden without caring what anyone thought and just asking people questions that my usual self might have labelled at stupid or irrelevant.

I smiled for the sake of smiling, I laughed at the smallest things and thought about what made me laugh, so that I kept laughing! I went to the theatre and stood up at the end even if my friends wanted to stay seated. I lived every moment, senses alive, and didn’t get caught up in the daily grind.

It was wonderful! Such a liberating feeling and one which I would like to keep up, if not every week, at least some of the time. It’s just like letting your true self come through with no judgement or sensoring, just being yourself. It’s like freeing yourself from society’s pressures.

I would urge you to try it, let go, be free for a week and see how you feel. If you have young children, observe how they act around others and take inspiration from them. Or maybe relive some of your younger days. Remember that feeling of freedom and hold onto it!

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