Week Fifteen: Set Some Goals

With 2017 less than 3 weeks away, your mind tends to wander to grand plans for the year ahead. With many people committing to regular gym sessions or healthy eating goals, which don’t always last until February, I wanted to set some achievable goals for the new year (although there’s no harm in dreaming!)

A time for reflection on the year so far, what had I enjoyed? What had I not enjoyed? Anything I wanted to do but hadn’t?

I came up with lots of ideas, some more idealistic than others, and decided that there were three main things I could focus on:

  1. Schedule free time into your schedule and don’t feel bad about not having plans.
  2. Embrace spontaneity and keep an eye out for last minute events.
  3. Visit family and friends more often.

All pretty achievable and straightforward but it’s a worthwhile exercise to do.

I have found that whenever I see a space in my diary I want to fill it. However, having had some last minute plans which I have been unable to take part in this year because of my full diary, I want to be able to say yes to spontaneous plans more often.

Related to that is ensuring that I don’t fill every moment and build in time to do nothing, just read or do crafts, phone a friend or go for a walk. Scheduling in ‘me-time’ is important for everyone but I know I don’t do it enough. And, more crucially, being at peace with having nothing specific planned for that time. Convinving myself that it’s ok to not have plans is going to be one of my key goals next year!

Finally, certain events this year have emphasised to me the importance of close links with family and friends so I want to be able to see my nearest and dearest more often. Plus, I have a railcard for another year, so no excuses about expensive train travel!

Goals are good as they give you that overall focus for the year and mean you can check up on yourself every so often to see how well you’re doing. Or even provide good material for a blog!

Happy resolution planning!

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