Week Thirteen: Be There For Someone

Now less than a month to go until Christmas Day!

This week I wanted to hone in on that wonderful skill we have as humans – listening. I’m sure we’ve all had times when we just needed a friendly face and a listening ear, just to take a load off our shoulders – I know I have – so I wanted to return the favour.

Moving away from home, meeting someone new, living with different people or a partner, starting a new job, getting used to commuting, managing long distance relationships and more are things some people face in their 20s and it can be scary and challenging to get used to something new.

We’re not at a stage where we can benefit from experience and hindsight and yet we’re not quite ready to accept that what our parents say can often be right. It’s a hard predicament to be in but also one where we rely much more on friends and peers to bounce ideas off,  and seek advice from.

I’m also sure that if Google did some analytics on questions searched for by people in their 20s, a lot of them would start with ‘How do you…’ or ‘What do I do if…’

By listening to friends and using your own experience so far, there is some middle ground where we are all in the same boat and that can provide a huge amount of reassurrance to someone else who is maybe struggling with a different situation in their life.

A lot of the friends I am close to are from university and we have often remarked about the transition from uni to ‘real life’. You go from a safe bubble to suddenly out in the open with so many options to choose from and it’s almost like a rabbit in headlights because it can be hard to know where to go.

So I find it important to give people the time to talk it out, often it’s just a case of getting it out in the open. Case in point, my new gym buddy has recently moved to the area and is finding it hard adjusting to town life vs her previous city living.

While we were clocking up the miles on the bikes, she talked it out with me and by the end she said she actually felt a lot better just having said it. It’s a bit like releasing the thoughts and accepting them so you can move on.

So tune in and listen to someone who might just need to let out what’s in their head.

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