Week Twelve: A Time To Give

Christmas is traditionally a time for giving, but I decided we could all do with more of that giving attitude year-round. So, this week, I wanted to give something everyday. Not necessarily a present, it could be my time, a listening ear, a drink, meal out. Just something which makes a difference to someone else’s day.

I started as I meant to go on, giving my partner’s car a hoover and dust down inside and popping in a new air freshener. I did it as a surprise, so that when he went off to work the next day, it would put a smile on his face. And it did.

Next up, I arranged dinner with a friend and listened to her concerns about a new job, trying to offer some encouraging advice once she had finished. Always a tricky time when you start a new job so I could sympathise with her.

I was starting to feel a sense of selflessness and gratitude that I was able to help others with just my time and that gifts don’t always have to be money-related.

My mid-week motivation was to offer my encouragement and thanks to my Rotaract group for our upcoming event. When you’re surrounded by such positive people, it’s hard not to want to be positive and energetic too. So in a sense their gain is also mine.

I gave 100% enthusiasm at my weekly panto rehearsal and got to know a bit more about my fellow actors and actresses by sticking around for drinks afterwards. Despite the age gap, we found a lot in common and, in fact, I find some of my greatest conversations have been with people of a different age – something to do with having an alternative perspective on things, I think.

Towards the weekend, I took on a nature theme and went to nearby woodland for a walk , capturing the autumn colours on my camera to form part of a collage I am working on. I hardly saw a soul on my walk and used it as a chance to breathe in the fresh air and be grateful for all I have in my life.

I treated my mum to lunch on a day trip out to a new attraction and we had a laugh about the family walks we did when I was younger. I don’t always get to see my family that often but I find it quite grounding to be around them, like a reminder of where you came from.

At the end of the week, a trip to the Christmas Markets put me in a real spirit of giving and I treated friends to some gluhwein while we huddled together to keep warm on a chilly November day.

We went home with rosy cheeks and warm hearts, a lovely way to round of a fulfilling week!








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