Week Eleven: A New Accessory A Day

Time to dust off the once-loved, hardly-ever worn clothes and accessories and give them an airing!

Every day, I wore something which hadn’t seen the light of day for a few months and funnily enough, it actually gave me a confidence boost at the same time. It was like having a whole new wardrobe to wear!

To start off the week, I went for a bright red and gold necklace to steer away the Monday blues and start feeling festive. It went down a treat too, people noticed a change.

Mid week I swapped my usual work tops, for a nice black and white striped shirt which I have only worn a handful of times and gave myself a manicure with a black and gold nail colour (also helped me stop biting my nails too!)

On Thursday, as if in anticipation for the weekend, I decided to mix it up and put on a pair of smart brown boots, which I usually wear for meet ups with friends but with a smart shirt and a bit of lippy, I transformed my laid back look into business-appropriate.

The end of the week included a hair cut, not quite a new accessory, but definitely a different look! Free of split ends, I decided to track down my black double-breasted coat and teamed it with a bright red scarf to match the vibrant autumnal colours which still remain.

Last but not least, I delved to the depths of my wardrobe for a pair of blue pointed flats to team with a fancy patterned dress for a wedding reception.

It was really fun trying out new styles and mix and matching different items, particularly when you realise you have more accessories than you realised! It also got me inspired for Christmas because I’m now looking for nice bags or jewellery for friends which are a little bit different and might be an accessory they go on to use to spice up their look.

Six weeks until Christmas! 🙂


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