Week Ten: Push Yourself

With less than 7 weeks to go until Christmas, this week was all about pushing myself to the limits, both in terms of exercise and confidence. Showing yourself what you’re made of!

Monday, I took part in a Spooky Spin class at my local gym. My friend came dressed as a witch and I drew a spider’s web on my face (which remained on throughout the class!). I haven’t done spin in years but I have to say it was really fun and gave me a good boost of energy for the start of the week.

Tuesday, I came face to face with my worst fears and sat down with my thoughts. Sounds easy, but it can be very scary when you have been trying to push them down. People always say it’s better to air all your thoughts, acknowledge them and deal with them, then you can let them go and be calm again. So I did.

Wednesday, time for some baking and packing shoeboxes with my Rotaract Club, meeting new people and making friends, plus my flapjacks seemed to go down well with everyone and got voted best for taste!

Thursday, auditions for my local am dram production of Cinderella. I think the last time I treaded the boards was in school, so it was quiet nerve-racking. Luckily, they were a very friendly group and I was pleased to get a part as one of the fairies!

Friday, dinner with friends…and their cat… I am not really a cat fan but theirs grew on me. He decided he wanted to play board games with us at the table and had his little paws up on the edge of the table watching all the dice roll! Today’s achievement: making friends with a cat and opening up to the idea of liking cats more!

Saturday, back in the gym for my second round of spin – much more intense this time, but fun – tired me out for the rest of day but good to stretch myself and finished off the day with the local fireworks display, jogging on the spot to keep warm!

Sunday, typically a day for relaxing but no such luxury for me. Today I completed a 5km mud and water obstacle race, with an equally crazy friend! Some parts were fun, others weren’t, like climbing through skips full of freezing cold water. Came home with a fair few bruises but it’s not something I thought I could have done and I only went and did it!

A good week for me, deserving of praise, and one which taught me how amazing it is to challenge yourself, stretch your limits and realise that you are capable of so much more than you think possible.

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