Week Seven: Find Your Voice

Do you ever have moments where you feel you as though your voice or opinions have been squashed down like they don’t matter? Sometimes others will rudely do this, or sometimes it is our own perception which prevents us from voicing our opinions.

For week 7, I decided to break free from being squashed down and learn to rise above intimidation or fear of failure in a conversation. Everyone is entitled to their own view and we all have different views of how the world works.

This means that something you say may not have been thought of by other people so rather than thinking you will fail by saying it, say it because you want to share your view and perhaps encourage others to see things in a different way.

I tried this positive thinking when I was discussing projects at work, talking about events with my Rotaract club and when chatting to friends and family. I didn’t get shot down mid conversation, nor did I get ignored. You might even say I gained respect by showing my opinion rather than going along with the popular vote.

Expressing your point of view confidently can be hard, but it is also quite liberating, providing you are also respectful of those you are talking with. This was not an exercise in arrogance or being better than anyone else, it was merely about recognising my own worth and the value I can bring.

I definitely feel that this exercise has changed the way I approach a conversation with anyone and I have learnt to tune in to how I react to things people say and reply with my own view, not by simply agreeing.

P.S. Less than 10 weeks until Christmas!



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