Week Six: Get Involved

Last week was one of those whirlwind weeks where I felt I was going from one thing to another, throwing myself into all sorts in pursuit of my week six challenge to get involved.

From arranging a guest speaker in my local Rotaract club, to volunteering as a cheerer for the half marathon and finding time to clear the air with a friend of mine. But busy is how I like it!

Getting involved is one of the best ways to process other things in your life too as, while you’re completely absorbed in your current task, your unconscious mind is whirring away and working in the background with other tasks or problems you have brought to it in the last 24 hours.

If you’ve been totally in the zone with something, you’ll know that feeling of being on top of life when you’re done. Because often we reach resolutions with ourselves whilst finishing another project, whether that’s volunteering, organising something or being creative.

I think for that reason as well, I found it was a fairly tiring week as I was clearly having a cleanse of unnecessary issues in my life, leaving me the time and energy to focus on new projects. Very refreshing!

11 days until the big day now and I have already bought two Christmas presents so feeling super efficient on top of my successful week. Although, I am worried that I’ll forget someone so I’ll probably end up with a few spares in the bottom drawer!

Still, Christmas is a time for giving, whether that’s through gifts or time it all adds up and if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from my week of getting involved, it’s much more rewarding doing things for other people than for yourself.



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