Week Five: A Time for Friends

I can’t believe that yesterday was 12 weeks until Christmas Day! Still, that’s three months to enjoy before all the festivities. And just like Christmas is a time to be with family, I made this week a time to be with friends.

All week, I arranged to see people I knew for catch ups and was amazed at how much better it made me feel, in amongst these dark nights and getting-darker mornings!

Monday 26th – Tried out a new Syrian restaurant in the area with some of my previous housemates and reminisced about old times.

Tuesday 27th – Went to see the new Bridget Jones film with one of my best friends and we had a good giggle all the way through. A nice boost for the week!

Wednesday 28th – Organised a Meetup in my local area and came away knowing four new people, one of which is going to be my new gym buddy.

Thursday 29th – Had an evening off socialising but caught up with my parents by phone and had a Whatsapp conversation with one of my friends for a quick catch up.

Friday 30th – An evening in with my partner, catching up on the latest episodes of First Dates Abroad and being appalled at how the Australians on the show never seem to go on second dates!

Saturday 1st Oct – Caught up with an ex-colleague and her partner at their new home and we managed to miss the rain on our walk through the fields to their local farm shop.

Sunday 2nd – Met a close university friend and her husband and had fun playing many games of pool, in which I discovered I’m excellent at potting the white ball!

The good thing about this was it made it feel like the week lasted longer, as there was something to look forward to in the evenings and it meant I didn’t feel as rushed. Admittedly any amount of socialising generally costs money, so it’s not something you could keep up every week, but nice to be able to do once in a while.

The real learning from seeing all these different people in one week is that it helps you find your own identity amongst it all, rather than being swayed by others or moulded into how they perceive you. It was nice to see how everyone was doing but, at the same time, I didn’t feel like I was trying to compare myself which so often can be the case.

I’m taking it as a good sign that my confidence and self-belief must have improved to a level where I feel happy enough with my own life that I don’t need to compare to anyone else’s. Everyone lives their life in different ways and makes different decisions but it doesn’t make them better or worse than you, it’s simply another example of how we set our own goals in life and all want to achieve different things.

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