Week Three: A Photo A Day

This week was all about photos and trying to use my camera more each day. I took a photo of something that made me smile each day – here are a few of the snaps I got:

I was drawn in by nature and landscapes, not surprising given my love of the great outdoors and walking. I enjoyed experimenting again with my camera and adjusting settings to create my perfect image.

Even on days where the clouds rolled in or it chucked it down with rain, there is still a great deal of beauty to be found in nature – one of the things that makes it a photographer’s paradise!

Photography is also a great form of therapy, in terms of distraction. It forces you to really focus your mind on the task in hand. Analysing light, focus and structure of the photo, working on the frame, on faces and taking account of the weather or environment around you. Because of the work that goes into all of this, it’s immensely rewarding.

When you get the photo you want, it makes you keep going back for more and, even when it doesn’t come out the way you expected, you learn – maybe next time use a faster shutter speed or a smaller aperture. Learning is all part of the process and all valuable to someone starting out in DSLR photography, like myself.

On a more philosophical level, the process of photography is much like life in your 20s! As a fresh graduate, you’re keen to go out and give it a shot in a new job, learn and develop your career, but it doesn’t always go to plan. Sometimes you don’t make enough refinements or don’t listen to your true judgement and you end up not quite hitting the mark for a job. However, you’re always learning.

No matter how many times you feel you haven’t quite made it, it’s about putting your knowledge and skills to use and ensuring your next move is spot on. Anything is possible but it takes time to know what makes you tick, much like what makes a good photo.

So photography has been a good thing to do this week, as well as teaching me some valuable life lessons!


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