Week One: 5am Book Club

Last week was the first week of my Countdown to Christmas challenge, where I set myself the task of getting up at 5am each day to read as much of my book as I could before getting up for work.

I have to say it was harder than expected, and I didn’t manage 5am everyday but it did teach me a few things:

Lesson #1

Getting up at 5am every day is not feasible if you don’t give yourself a reasonable amount of sleep. I wasn’t compensating for the early start and was going to bed at my normal time, around 10.30pm.

Lesson #2

Trying to finish a book in a week is hard if you have 576 pages to get through! I chose Shelter from the Storm by Ellie Dean and it was a good choice but I only managed to get two thirds of the way through.

Lesson #3

Cut yourself some slack. Some days you have an evening arrangement so you can’t get an early start or it’s the weekend, so 5am seems too harsh. I found I managed to do reading at different times if I had my book with me. Like at lunchtime at work, or on the bus somewhere.

For me, this challenge wasn’t just about finishing a book, or getting up early every day, it was about learning your limits and appreciating that sometimes you have to be flexible. Also, it got me reading again because I’ve found up until now I didn’t have time, when actually it’s just about making the time.

I fully intend to finish the book and to keep reading – I have a few books lined up – so I may not have championed the 5am book club, but it has reignited my love of reading.

This coming week, week two, is all about yoga. I am going to do 15 – 30 minutes of yoga each day, using a YouTube video tutorial. There are so many options out there so I will try a different one each day. I’m not setting myself a specific time of day but generally it will be evenings as I tend to have more free time then.

So yoga mat at the ready, time to limber up and stretch it out!

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