You win some, you lose some

Last week, I had a moment of clarity that made me aware of a few things I was holding onto that weren’t making me happy anymore.

One thing in particular is a friendship which I have held onto for way too long, and they weren’t really a friend to me any longer. It resembled a one way line of communication. This ‘friend’ only got in touch when it suited them and only saw me when it suited their schedule. Said ‘friend’ is now in a relationship and only contacts me when their partner is away – hardly a true friendship!

So I took the decision to let go completely. No more pretending to want to meet up, no more one way communication, just nothing. And it felt so good, like a burden had been lifted from my shoulders, like I could just get on with my life.

In fact, it was the energy I needed to sign up as a volunteer at a local care home and give back to the community, the energy I needed to put across a successful business case at work and the energy I needed to put back into my own personal wellbeing and self-confidence.

It’s amazing what happens when you let go of negative energy in one area of your life and how it can release a whole new burst for new and exciting adventures, which maybe you didn’t feel comfortable with before.

I would encourage anyone in a similar situation to be brave enough to let go. The things you do and the people you see should bring you happiness, not belittle you or undervalue you.

Be strong and let go of things that are holding you back. Renew your energy supplies to enable you to start something new!

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