Finding your rock

Life is a bit like waves crashing to the shore. Sometimes you roll in gently with the waves, sometimes they toss you around and leave you stranded and sometimes you just keep getting the timing wrong and they crash over you.

In amongst whatever life throws at you, everybody needs a rock. It could be a person, a special place or an object, something that brings you to your core’s centre and resets your balance.

Up until quite recently, I hadn’t really thought about what grounded me but then I was out walking along a canal path the other day and the reflection of the Autumnal colours on the trees, reflected in the water brought me a real sense of peace. That’s when I recognised that it is nature, and particularly trees, which I am drawn towards.

It makes a lot of sense, they are rooted and they stay there pretty much no matter what. Their colours may change, their branches may break but they still stand tall and proud all year round. In times of change, this rootedness brings me a sense of contentment.

Don’t get me wrong, you can’t talk out all your worries or hopes with a tree, that’s when people come in, but for thinking space and inspiration, they can’t be faulted.

I have also come to realise that over the last few months that I have met someone truly special. Someone who consumes my thoughts, whose voice and smile makes me smile, who I feel comfortable around and who has opened up my mind to new thoughts and new ways of looking at the world. And while we have lots in common, we both celebrate each other’s differences.

Apart from being totally unexpected (the best ones always are, right), they have become a rock in my life whilst so much else is changing. Being unsettled is normal at this time in my life but it can be hard to deal with on your own, when you see friends moving away, getting married and changing jobs, all you want is to put the brakes on and cling onto the special memories.

At the same time, you can’t recreate memories, only make new ones. And, with this in mind, it has been refreshing and comforting to have a special person in my life to share things with, creating new memories together.

It makes you grateful for everything that has happened up until you met them, because it led you to being with them. And then you become grateful for every day you have with them, because they make you happy, a happiness which bubbles away inside you; a cauldron of happiness, if you like.

Whatever happens and no matter what waves are on their way, it’s important to appreciate who you have in your life and that when you’re happy, you can give more, and when you’re not, there are people in your life who can reignite your flame. They’re your rocks.


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