Spreading a little happiness

Isn’t it nice when you know you are the reason someone feels great? Or when you put a smile on someone’s face? Doesn’t it feel amazing when they tell you it’s because of something you’ve done?

All it takes is some time, some nice words, some energy. It costs nothing.

Recently I’ve come across this in my own life. Being happy spreads happiness and right now I am pretty happy. Tell me it’s sunshine, tell me it’s love but I’d say it’s a true inner peace.

Catching up with a friend on the phone the other night after we’d both had a long day at work, we ended up reminiscing about a spa day we’d had a couple of years ago. I remembered a certain occasion of the day and that set us both of in hysterics!

Suddenly our Monday evenings turned from being relief from a long day to energised and happy. What made it even nicer was we both admitted that to one another.

Another day a friend called me after they’d had a day off and called it a wasted day. Never one for writing off time, I looked at all the positive things and tried to suggest little ways they could use the last few hours of their day to make it feel more productive.

Once I’d ended the call, they sent me a message to thank me for the energy boost, they were now on a cleaning spree, something which had been on the to do list for a while.

I hadn’t realised that I’d inspired them to leave the sofa as a result of the call so it made me feel great to know it and glad that they had turned their day around.

Small things like that make all the difference to those around you and your own self-esteem.

To be able to make someone happy is one of the best skills around. It’s selfless, but it reaps rewards and re-energises both of you.

So go on, spread a little happiness! 

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