Knowing when your heart has healed

After every set back or break up, many of us will have experienced that feeling of emptiness, wondering ‘Will I ever laugh again?’, ‘Will I ever feel butterflies again?’

And the answer is yes, of course you will. But it takes time for the heart to heal. You need time to be yourself, to love yourself.

It’s a grieving process and once you’ve been through the sadness, anger, guilt and blame, you come out the other side stronger, willing to try again.

You have your friends and family around you like shields for a while until one day you realise you are ready to go back out on the battlefield. Armed with your own strength.

In my personal experience, I went through a time of feeling numb towards the possibility of someone else. I needed to be on my own to heal and to get back up on my feet.

By no means did I mope around but there were the quiet moments of reflection where I felt weak. Looking back now I can see how far I’ve come. The past is just that.

No relationship is ever a failure. We all make mistakes, sometimes our feelings lead us astray or we refuse to tune into our gut feeling. However it’s all a learning curve, you need those experiences to move forward.

And then there’s that moment where someone says something or something happens and you laugh so hard it hurts and suddenly you forget what was worrying you because you’re so absorbed in enjoying the present. The way it should be.

Then there’s an even more special moment when you get butterflies about someone you’ve met. The thought of them makes your knees weak. That’s when you realise your heart has healed. For me, I knew it meant I was ready to open up to someone again and I felt happy about it.

Treasure those small moments when they happen as one day they could be the best moments.

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