Never give up on being you

One thing we can be certain of is change. People come and go, situations change. One minute you’re on track, the next all your plans are up in the air.

Humans are good at adapting, it’s in our nature. However, we all form emotional attachments to places, people and routines. So when these are at risk, it’s easy to get scared.

For me, I can relate most to the people one. I have had experience thinking I’ve found someone special, getting caught up in the emotional whirlwind of first love, only to find a month later, he’s ‘not ready for a relationship’. And yes it hurts.

It’s meant to – a bond has been broken. Even the shortest of encounters can leave you feeling hurt. Experts say this ‘grief’ can take anything from 3 months to heal depending on how important it was to you. But it is a process we need to go through to mend our hearts and gather ourselves back up again.

I’ve never been one for moping around after a break up but one thing I do like to do is convert those emotions into energy to invest in myself. This is rewarding because you’re in complete control. You can’t let yourself down, you can only do your best.

So sign up for that course, plan that holiday, see those friends you keep meaning to see and most of all don’t ever give up on yourself.

For anyone who’s been in the position I have, that rejection can be easy to take to heart. You think it must be you. It isn’t. It is their problem and frankly it’s not worth your time worrying about.

Onwards and upwards and be good to yourself. Rediscover yourself. Realise how strong and amazing you are and just what you’re capable of.

Soon that pain will go and you will no longer remember them. You will be a better version of yourself, ready to take on anything. Believe it and never stop believing in yourself.

They say good things come to those who wait and I’d like to believe that.

So until the time is right, I’m going to keep being me. Doing the things I love with people who are important to me. Going places, striving for more and fulfilling my own dreams before thinking about anyone else’s.

You only get one chance, so take it with open arms and be thankful for being where you are right now. You’re doing just fine.

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