Not everything is within your control

To some extent you have control over pretty much every aspect of your life and so when it comes to happiness, we should have a lot of control over how we feel, right?

Well I thought so up until about two days ago. A friend of mine was talking about how the phases of the moon can affect the energies around you and therefore the way you feel and the mindset you’re in. I did some more research on this after speaking to her and was interested by how much was behind this.

For instance, a New Moon is all about spontaneity and energy, a time for new beginnings and the Full Moon is a time for being aware and reshaping goals in accordance with what you start to shed light on. There are articles on the names of Moons by month and also the energies by day and I only scratched the surface of it all.

So with this in mind, could it be that on those days where you just feel lacking in energy, it could be to do with factors outside your control. Maybe it’s not all about the amount of sleep, or foods your eat but connected to certain energies drawn from lunar phases. It’s an explanation I can accept and one which would certainly account for a portion of days.

This approach means you have to hand over your control to what would essentially be the universe. Trust in yourself and tune into your inner self to work out what is best for you on that day. We all have days where we don’t feel like doing anything, or where we feel super energetic and both of those are ok because we have to have a balance in life to be happy.

When we get the balance right, we can be truly happy. At other times, we have to alter the scales to they are centred again.

If you think about it, as humans we do have a balance in many aspects of life. Take the human body for instance. Right leg, left leg, right hand, left hand, right eye, left eye, etc.. our anatomy is balanced, so it makes sense that our emotions and inner energies also have this balance.

There is so much to explore on this topic and the more I read, the more energised I am by it. Ultimately, the takeaway message is that to achieve a happy, balanced life, we sometimes have to handover our control to something higher, which we don’t have the power to control.

Let go of some control and let something else get your balance right.

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