Happiness is…being content

One of the greatest discoveries I have found on my happiness project so far is the link between being content and happiness. It might seem quite straightforward but so many of us are on a constant search for something more, thinking that we need more to bring us contentment.

When you are content, you have enough.

The truth is you have enough when you are content, rather than it being about having enough to be content. Being grateful is the best way to see that you really do have enough.

For the last few days, I have been focussing on that thought. Every time I think I need to buy something or I should get something, I check if I really need it. Generally I have found I can make do without it and I don’t feel worse off.

I have also learnt to appreciate myself more, by seeing myself through the eyes of my friends. This came about following a makeover my friend suggested. We had a full day of pampering and she did my hair and make up in the evening. I looked quite different to usual but I liked it. I posted a photo up and got a huge amount of compliments and nice comments which made me look twice at myself. And yes I am that person they complimented. As well as being flattered, I was genuinely grateful to have those people in my life. People who help me see myself more clearly.

Both these things made me feel incredibly happy. In turn it motivated me to get out for a run, which I haven’t done in ages. I was filled with lots of positive energy and I wasn’t craving anything. I was content.

That feeling is one which makes you happy to the core. You appreciate everything and everyone in your life, including yourself. There are no jealous thoughts, no lazy attitude and no wishful thinking because you can see yourself as the driver in your life and you have everything you need to move forward. You are in control. Enjoy it.

If you aspire to be anything this season, be content.


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