Doing things that make you happy

What do you do?

Think about it – you probably want to talk about your job, your hobbies. Stop! Let me rephrase the question:

What do you do that makes you happy? Truly happy. Engages you in a way that no other part of your life does. Leaves you feeling peaceful, relaxed, energised.

I thought about this the other week and came up with three things that I love doing. Blogging, photography and learning German. When I’m doing these things I can be completely absorbed in it, and I switch off from everything else which is going on. They engage my whole brain in a way that leaves me feeling satisfied and complete.

They are also things that I don’t make time for because I feel that there are always other things I should be doing, but actually, what could possibly be more important than your own happiness?

So I sat down and put in times where I could commit to these things each week. When you look hard enough at your schedule, you find an hour here and there which are otherwise spend doing in between things.

Needless to say, this was just to inspiration I needed to kickstart my happiness project. I changed my frame of mind, I started #100happydays and I committed myself to finding ‘me time’ every week to do the things I love.

For the next few days, I put me first. I left my inbox and instead sat down and learnt some more vocabulary for my German course. On a quiet Sunday afternoon, I swapped laundry and cleaning for a cuppa in a coffee shop with my notebook, getting down ideas for my next blogs.

Do you know what? It felt good. I felt like I’d had a proper creative work out. I actually think it gave me more energy than many other things I’d done in the week. I realised I needed to do this more and not let it sink to the bottom of the pile amongst endless to do lists and household tasks.

I decided then and there I would make a real effort to do just that and I would challenge you to do the same. Write down 3 things you love doing – maybe it’s reading, spending time with friends, running, driving, photography. Whatever it is, plan it into your schedule, just like you’d plan in a weekly shop.

Things that make you happy are just as important as everything else that goes on in your life and doing them adds to you as a person. When you’re happy, you can be healthier, more positive and deal with life better. So what’s stopping you?!

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