Week 52: A summary

This year I set myself the challenge of doing something new each week in an effort to increase my self-esteem. I feel in myself that I have become a more confident person, both through the challenges I have done and circumstances in my life outside of these challenges.

I have gone from being afraid to wear a pink hat or red lipstick for fear of being ‘noticed’ to now choosing colourful outfits to reflect my outgoing personality. I have had a good look at my life as it stands and re-examined parts which could be different or better.

Along the way I have encountered lots of support from friends and family as well as situations and people who come to test our strength however I have learnt to overcome them and move forward.

Self-confidence isn’t something you can just improve overnight but I think over the course of this year it has been nourished and nurtured and the positive voice inside me has become louder and clearer, diminishing any negative thinking which can destroy self-esteem.

As many people will agree, there are times when you feel things are all going wrong or you feel like you have lost your way in life. Everyone battles this and part of life is overcoming these and learning to get on with it. Carpe diem!

If 2014 was a year for learning and practising, 2015 will be the year of improvement, until all I ever know is self-confidence and doubt will be but a seed that never made it out of the packet to be planted.

Thank you for all your support, fellow bloggers and friends, and I wish you all a Happy New Year!

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One Response to Week 52: A summary

  1. Juni Desireé says:

    Wow, this is so cool. Makes me want to try it. I’d like to overcome my fear of being noticed and just be me – no matter how weird. I always wanted to wear a tiara cos I adore sparkles but I’d never do it cos of the attention it would get. So am I letting people determine what I wear, what I do, etc.? Maybe I’ll wear a tiara just for an experiment and learn about myself through it,

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