Week 51: Family first

Your family are those who love and care about you no matter what, who know you better than most other people and who will always be there for you.

So as my self-confidence challenge nears the end, I chose to focus on loved ones this week. Especially given that it was Christmas, a time for being with family. Putting those you care about before your needs is one of the most selfless acts you can do and also one of the most rewarding. To see loved ones happy gives your a big boost of confidence, and also fills you with good feeling and love towards them.

It’s about thinking what would make my mum/dad/brother/sister/aunt/uncle happy, and then making it happen. Whether it’s a small thing like doing the washing up for your mum or a grander thing like taking your brother to see a football match, putting other people’s happiness first is the greatest thing of all.

This week’s challenge was fun because it made me think of how other people’s minds tick and also put me in a very grateful mindset. I am so thankful to have such loving and caring people around me. Even on my bad days, family reach out and make me feel happy.

So in the approach to a New Year, think about what you can do to make your family, friends and other loved one happier and healthier for 2015.

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