Week 50: Be assertive

Take control, state your opinion and don’t back down!

With my confidence at an all time high, it was time to see just how much things have changed. Being assertive. At work, at home and learning that sticking up for yourself and letting your view be known isn’t as arrogant as you think.

In fact being assertive isn’t arrogant at all. It is a respectable quality. The dictionary definition is:

assertive, adj;having or showing a confident and forceful personality

Letting your personality come to the fore isn’t always easy especially in more formal situations like work meetings or getting to know someone new. However it’s not so much forcing yourself on people, as just allowing your true self to come through.

This week I kept reminding myself to be assertive, like a little alarm going off as a reminder when I got to certain situations. It’s almost like you have to let go of what you think you should do and just with your gut instinct.

The other thing I found myself doing, perhaps as a result of this challenge, was that I wasn’t standing for anything which wasn’t good enough. Someone didn’t call me back – I didn’t let it bother me, where usually I would probably ring them. Instead of being driven by what other people are doing, I made up my own mind about going out with friends.

It feels good to know your own self. And being assertive is just one of those life skills that is better to learn sooner rather than later.


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