Week 46: Write stuff

While many of my weekly challenges have been aimed at trying to step outside my comfort zone, or aim to do things I wouldn’t usually, this week I decided to focus in on things I am good at. And one of those things is writing.

The expression of feelings through words, or even just writing out the stresses of the day can be very therapeutic. I don’t write just to make me feel better, I write because it gives me a great sense of accomplishment and that in turns gives me confidence in myself.

So I stepped away from the computer, took out my pen and paper and wrote. I wrote a diary for the day, what I did, what I liked, who I met. I wrote down things I wanted to achieve and people I wanted to meet. I brainstormed ideas for future blogs, for a future book even, and I wrote down things I’d heard which I liked the sound of.

All in all, I made that notepad my mind map for the week – the thoughts I’d thought and the things I’d down. It was interesting looking back on it afterwards and seeing a pattern almost. When you keep thoughts in your head, it can be hard to see what you’re aiming for, whereas on paper they are crystal clear.

I could see my ambitions, my setbacks and how I could overcome any obstacles to move forward and it gave me a good sense of perspective, a way of seeing that things I may have been caught up in, were only a small part of the bigger picture.

Writing helped me to focus my mind on the future and what I wanted to achieve, whilst also firmly rooting myself in the present. It is an absorbing activity and requires all your concentration so it forces you to put all your energy into one thing for those 10 minutes.

So when your mind is whirring or you need some focus, I would very much recommend getting out a pen and paper and start writing. It doesn’t matter how you start or what you end up with, it’s more important to get something on the page.

With more and more work done on the computer, it can be easy to think you’ll just do the same in front of a Word document but it’s not the same. There are distractions on a screen and there’s something nice about feeling the pen on the paper and being able to write or draw whatever you click without the constraints of the computer.

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