Week 45: Work hard, play hard

There is a common misconception about people who end up working late, out of choice or habit, that they can’t possibly have a social life, or any friends to hang out with.

I disagree with that though. Like many people, I put in the extra hours now and again because for one I love what I do and it’s nice leaving the office having reached a straight edge. Sometimes, I will just go straight home but other times I tend to have plans later in the evening to go to.

Really what it boils down to is self-worth. How highly do you value yourself and your worth in order to afford yourself the lifestyle you want?

You might say not enough but in that case why not? I have learnt that I am worth more than I thought so I ensure I have a good lifestyle in order to satisfy my hard-working side and my social side. To give yourself a balance is to make yourself a more balanced person, happier and more confident too.

It’s important also not to forget that even Wonder Woman needs to relax so I’m learning more and more about the value of writing things like ‘Book holiday’ or ‘Get a manicure’ on my to do lists.

A bit like a healthy diet, you need the right amount of the right things on your plate to achieve a healthy lifestyle. For me, my plate is something like 50% work, 30% social activities & 20% me-time and that works well for the time being.

Lesson learnt this week: don’t underestimate what you’re worth and make time for doing things you enjoy as well as putting in the hard work to even the balance.

(Luckily this week ended with a spa break away… me-time in action!)

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