Week 44: Jam pack your schedule

Sometimes, it feels like you go from one thing to another without so much as stopping to catch your break. However, although it may be a tad tiring, this can be very energising. It distracts you from having time to fill and keeps you engaged in activities which you get a lot of pleasure from.

Obviously there are limits on our time but during the week what better way to unwind from work by throwing yourself into something different each evening. It may sound a bit crazy to suggest that you should pack your schedule full, however engaging with different people in a different place can lift your mood and make you feel better about yourself. Even more necessary after a long or hard day at work.

This week I had something on each evening which meant I had to leave work on time and they were all nice things, things to look forward to – orchestra, catching up with friends, getting my hair done and a Fireworks display!

Looking back on my diary for the week, there isn’t much white space left but it was one of the best weeks I’ve had. Each evening, I came home on a high feeling happy and energised – similar to how you feel after a run, but without the bright red face!

So although it’s good to value your own me-time and give yourself some recovery time in your schedule, it’s also good to have lots on, especially when the nights start drawing in. Instead of going home and hibernating in front of the TV, get out, socialise and feel better.

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