Week 42: Quit worrying

I worry a lot. My friends know I worry a lot, it’s even the subject of jokes amongst close friends. Generally, aside from being the source of amusement, I keep it in check but sometimes there are situations where I become overwhelmed by it.

This week I decided enough was enough, I was going to make a concentrated effort to stop worrying. After all, friends tell me it’s not worth the effort.

If you’re one of those lucky people who doesn’t tend to worry, you are who I aspire to become like but part of me does think it’s linked to my star sign. As an Aquarian, we are known to be worriers, not that it’s an excuse, but it is worth putting into the mix.

First up I tried to figure out why I worry and came to the conclusion that the things I worry about tend to be things beyond my control, such as someone not returning a call or a bus turning up late. Yet bigger things such as travelling abroad don’t phase me. How strange is that?

So I can take myself off to Germany for the weekend no problem but yet I can spend hours worrying and over-analysing the reasons why someone hasn’t replied to a message within 24 hours!

Sometimes it’s the small things that matter though because they’re more personal. I take a no response as a personal insult when in fact in reality that person is busy or unable to respond right away.

When you’re in control of things there’s nothing to worry about because you can do things your way. Matters outside of your realm are simply not your problem and therefore not worth worrying about. Yes, when they involve you, it’s harder to see it this way but it’s like putting the ball in someone else’s court – it’s up to them to decide what to do.

This was the attitude I tried to adopt this week and for going forward too. Think of it as literally throwing your worries away when the situation is out of your hands. No control = no worrying.

Easier said than done but I actually managed a whole week without worrying and even when I got to the end of the week I felt content and ready to battle against my worries and squash them down. I did feel much better for it and actually more confident about it all. I was back in control because even though the situation wasn’t my problem, I was in control of how I was feeling.

Onwards and upwards!

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