Week 40: Inject a bit of ‘new’ into your life

New season, new house, new week, time for something to liven it up. Time to do something new and exciting to give self-esteem a boost and stay happy.

With a busy week on the cards, I thought time for a bit of spontaneity and so I decided to schedule in three new things to look forward to.

First up was an outing to a live music night. I messaged round a few people and a group of us went out to listen to some fantastically talented musicians. It wasn’t something I would have ordinarily done on a week-night and it was so nice to go out and socialise with friends midweek rather than saving it all for weekends. That was an instant win.

Second, I sorted out a Saturday brunch with a friend. It sort of evolved from meeting up mid morning for shopping to let’s grab a coffee to let’s do brunch! Again, something a bit different for the weekend and there is nothing quite like catching up over coffee, orange juice and scrambled eggs on toast. Second win of the week.

Third thing was a date. Maybe the most exciting of them all. Arranged through a friend of a friend, I spent most of my Sunday afternoon with legs of jelly but after some encouraging messages from friends, I set out for evening drinks. It turned out to be a lovely evening and actually the perfect distraction from those Sunday evening blues.

All in all I had a fun time doing something different and new and it made me feel good about myself.

It’s very easy to get stuck in a set routine, so this helped a lot and meant I got to see people I wouldn’t usually have met up with on a standard week.

I managed to carry that good feeling right through into the following week too!

Happy days 🙂

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