Week 35: Make a soundtrack to your own life

Music is one of the most powerful ways to evoke emotions in people.

Think about that song that just makes you want to dance. Or that one that makes you reflect on a time gone by, or remember something sad even.

Soundtracks used in films are more often than not the trigger that makes you cry at something sad, or makes you feel happy afterwards, and when used well you hardly notice them.

This week I decided to put together a soundtrack to my own life, as it is at the moment, to reflect how I was feeling and, at the same time, pick songs which were uplifting and gave me a boost to do something rather than ones that made me reflect on the past too much.

A mix of new music, old favourites and some current ones from the radio made a perfect listen. I found myself putting on my new playlist most nights before I went to bed, giving me time to think about the day ahead and what these songs might inspire me to do.

It’s funny how some songs you always come back to, regardless of what’s popular or in the charts. They are the ones that instil a sense of security inside and give you hope of what’s to come.

Music is one of those instant self-esteem boosters as well. You may also find that if you’re lacking the confidence to do something, putting on some good music takes away that self doubt.

Why? Well it makes you feel good about yourself and in turn you have more confidence.

It’s an obvious quick win for confidence and part of me wonders why I have left it to week 35 to put it into practice. However, because it is so simple it has passed me by.

Often, it’s the simple things that are the best.




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