Week 34: Forget the things that hold you back

In order to move on with your life it is necessary to file away things in the past that are holding you back. The regrets that prevent you from trying something again, the mistakes which haunt you for years past their sell by date or even the people who make you feel down.

All these things contribute to a lack of self-confidence and it does take strength to wipe out things from the past that are no longer relevant or helpful to how you live your present but in the end it is a step that is worth making.

This week my task was helped by the fact I was on holiday, away from the distractions of everyday life – familiar surroundings, social media and more importantly associations with the past.

Not all in the past should be forgotten of course and perhaps forget isn’t the right word, more file away. After all, we can’t change what has happened, only what is to come.

Being away not only gives you a chance to recharge your batteries but a change of scene is often inspires change and new starts. Think even of the change in seasons, particularly moving from the balmy evenings of summer to the crisp autumn mornings. It is the perfect time to evaluate what is useful to take forward and what isn’t.

The process is not something you can do in a day, or even a week, however it can be started in this time. What I started to do was drag to the surface things which had been playing on my mind and really look at what it was which wasn’t helping me. Maybe it was simply a worry about something which had happened previously, or a bad experience, but I took the time to let it surface and then decided to file it away.

Obviously the mind is not always prepared to let things settle right away so I did find that things would resurface again but I took it more as a cue to re-examine it, maybe there was something more the learn from it.

At the end of the week, I had a fresh perspective on my past experiences, the people around me and what it was that I wanted in my future.

It was this clarity which gave me the confidence to let go of things which were dragging me down.



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