Week 31: Stand tall

It’s amazing what a difference just standing tall can do for your confidence. So that’s what I’ve been practising this week – not only is it good for your posture it also gives you a massive self-esteem boost.

Walking along on the way to work the other day, I felt a sense of unease, perhaps because I thought people in their cars were watching me. Of course they weren’t but I thought what better time to try out my standing tall challenge.

Amazingly, I felt instantly better and started to wonder why it helps so much. After doing a bit of reading around the subject, I found out that some people have suggested by standing tall you are putting yourself in a more powerful position. This more expansive posture is said to reduce levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) so you feel more at ease.

Another blog mentioned that when we stand tall we are more likely to think of something positive in general, which is obviously good for self-esteem.

Good posture has many positive benefits and it can obviously make you feel more confident and appear more confident which is important when being around people. It has also been said that standing tall makes you look thinner, taller and younger so what’s not to love!

As the week went on, I became more conscious of my posture and made an effort to readjust myself if I felt that was slouching or in need of a boost. And hopefully as time goes on, it will become more of a habit or maybe I will just do it without thinking and stand tall all the time.

It’s always the simple things that make the biggest difference. How refreshing that you don’t need to go to great efforts to build up your self-esteem. All you need is a bit of time, imagination and determination.

Stand tall and be confident!

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