Week 26: Hang out with someone different

Getting a different perspective is a good way to find out your stance on things and use people as a sounding board for ideas or to get advice.

This week, as a way to broaden my horizon, I decided to hang out with a couple of different people. Not only did it give me a chance to step out of my usual comfort zone, it was also a good way to test out my growing confidence levels.

As it happens, the two events I had on this week meant I would be meeting lots of new people and engaging with people both older and younger than myself. I didn’t feel apprehensive or nervous, which was a good sign, and actually came back feeling energised.

What this taught me was that meeting new people and engaging with others of a different age means you step up your confidence levels as a way to come across as the best you can be.

To people who know you, I suppose we don’t always make as much effort because we feel like they know everything. However, with new faces, it gives us a fresh chance to create an impression.

I found it interesting talking to new people. Not only do you get a chance to access new ideas and talk to people who have had very interesting pasts, you also get to impart some of your knowledge and share ideas with others.

A good way to boost self-esteem as you can feel how confident you are and this in turn makes you feel more positive. It also gives you the added reassurance that you can handle new situations and not be phased by seeing a bunch of people you have never met before, which can be quite daunting.

Overall a successful week in the challenge and nice to be feeling the positive effects so quickly.


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