Week 25: Get back in the driving seat

By this, I don’t mean literally go and drive a car but more remember that if your life was a car, you are most definitely the driver and no matter who travels with you, whether for long or short distances, you are in charge.

This week it was time to recognise that it’s not about doing things to please others, but about doing things because you want to. Not having the confidence to say no makes your levels of self-confidence diminish further as you start to feel trapped.

Step up and do what you want. The only person you’ll be letting down is yourself if you end up doing something you resent.

Yes it’s nice getting invited out with friends, or to this event or that trip but remember these opportunities will come round again and you don’t always have time to do everything. Choose one thing that you will really enjoy and let the others wait until next time.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt this week it’s not to wear yourself out. Doing a couple of things is way more satisfying than packing your week full of anything and everything.

It’s like putting together a menu, you pick and choose which ingredients to use. The same applies to life – keep it interesting but don’t pack everything in at once. You wouldn’t mix a starter and a dessert, would you? So it’s about finding the right time for everything.

So pick your route, choose your passengers and let’s get on the road!


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