Week 24: Try a new recipe

This week it was time to experiment in the kitchen and try something new.

Having received a wok as a birthday present a few months ago, and used it several times since, it has given me a whole lot more confidence when it comes to cooking up a quick and nutritious meal.

However, I have got to the point of rotating 2 or 3 ‘safe’ recipes. Tried and tested favourites. So I decided to shake things up and picked two new recipes to have a go at.

I had a good peruse of my recipe books and chose some more tricky ones with ingredients I like but wouldn’t normally buy. Perhaps because I think they’re over-rated or just not on my radar.

Being able to whip up a few dishes in the kitchen is a massive confidence-booster. Not only can you impress friends with your new talents (!) but also the more you can do, the more you enjoy it and therefore you experiment more.

I used to dislike spending longer than 10 minutes making a meal and steadily this has increased so I can withstand up to 40 minutes prep time and actually take pride in it. This for me is a massive improvement and makes meal times something to enjoy, not begrudge.

My new recipes turned out pretty well. I had the recipe book open in front of me and followed it exactly but, in time, I may be able to put it to one side and gradually add my own style to my dishes.

I have now added these dishes to my repertoire and feel an immense sense of satisfaction at both my willingness to try something new and the fact that they turned out to be very tasty.

It’s amazing what a difference a small thing like cooking something new can make.

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