Week 23: Deal with the blues

Lack of sleep, having days when you want to get so much done and fail and just generally feeling low. These are all things we all experience at some point or another. Whether it’s triggered by something or whether it’s a busy week full of let downs, it’s good to learn how to deal with them so we can pull ourselves up and out of the blues and into a more positive space.

As a friend of mine pointed out to me, when I told them I’d been feeling disappointed with myself when I tried to have a productive Saturday and failed miserably, was that maybe on those sorts of days I should just learn to give in. Stop trying to do everything and enjoy doing nothing.

Instead of resisting the urge to stay in bed and watch TV all day, embrace it. Almost write off the day as your time and relax. We all need it from time and time and even more so for those of us who find it hard to switch off and have some ‘me time’ (myself being one of them).

It’s the fact that I see these sorts of days as wasted time when actually I should be changing my mindset and seeing it as valuable time for myself to rest and recuperate.

A happy and well-rested person is way more productive and confident than someone who is worn out and tired. That’s not rocket science.

So this week was one of those downer weeks but having sought advice from friends and family on it, I have learnt that blues aren’t necessarily a bad thing. You just have to change the way you view them – see them as an opportunity to take that time out and watch those TV programmes you’ve been meaning to see, or read the book which has been quietly gathering dust in the corner.

Remember, even Wonder Woman needs to sleep.

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