Week 22: Say thank you

Thanking those who have made you who you are is very under-rated.

For most people in your day-to-day life ‘thank you’ is reserved for the person who makes your coffee in Starbucks or for someone who holds open the door for you.

How often do we actually give people some heart-felt thanks? Probably not enough.

Not only is it a boost for them, it also reflects well on you and gives you a little bit of a ‘good deed for the day’ feeling. This week, my mission was to try and say thank you to people who I genuinely cared about and who have been good friends to me.

I started with a close friend of mine who was celebrating their birthday early on in the week. I decided to write a heartfelt note inside their birthday card and pop it through their letterbox. The next day, they messaged me to say how lovely it was to hear those words. It made me smile because I knew I had done the right thing.

Pouring your heart into a thank you on a piece of paper, or indeed in person, can feel too open, exposed, like you are ripping down all the protective walls and, in a way, that feeling is good because it shows you are doing it with emotion. However, we shouldn’t feel so timid about coming forward and giving people the thanks they deserve.

I then went on and thanked other friends and family and got a similar reaction. You may feel initially a bit silly but people really do appreciate it.

Let’s not save thank you’s for major events but make it part of our everyday life. If your friend has given you a much needed confidence boost, inspired you to do something or even just been there for you, thank them.

I personally felt ten times better after all this and started to feel like there was happiness flowing inside me. It helped me to do more good things, to reach out to others and connect with friends that maybe I haven’t seen in a while.

This knock on effect is a benefit but the most important lesson learnt this week was that saying thank you to those you care about should come from the heart. It shouldn’t just be because it’s polite, or you feel it’s necessary but because you truly mean it and you aren’t afraid to let the other person know.

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