Week 21: Feel the change

This week was the week that I really felt like I had changed. All the work I have been doing to improve myself has been paying off and I wasn’t the only one to notice.

A friend of mine said I seemed different, more confident, and added, “You’re like a changed woman!”

Well there’s a compliment if ever there was one. I was delighted to hear this and even more spurred on when another friend commented, whilst we were chatting on the phone, that I seemed more happy and confident.

Half of it I can put down to my own good work and the other half, to those around me to have helped me change. You need people around you who inspire you and help you to be the person you want to be. Whether that’s friends, colleagues or even just being in a place which inspires you, all of them are essential to growing as a person.

People say you change over the three years you’re at university and I’d be inclined to agree but with this change it is more conscious. And the best thing is that no matter how much I think about it, I can’t go back.

Where once I harboured feelings of jealousy, I now have happiness. It may sound cliched but I do feel that something has changed. I am pleased that I can feel genuinely happy for someone without wishing I was doing what they were doing and I am glad that I am more confident in my own skin, without wanting to change myself.

I have developed a healthy respect for myself and have learnt to treat myself as I treat others. I am on a level with everyone else, not above and not below.

There is always room for improvement and, with 31 weeks to go, the self-esteem journey continues. However, with progress at an early stage, I have the motivation to keep going and know that my efforts are worthwhile.

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