Week 16: Find yourself a mentor

Personal development isn’t the easiest thing to do alone, we all tend to be so self-critical that sometimes it can be good to have someone you like and trust to give you a helping hand.

This week I decided to find a dedicated mentor for myself. Not because I think I’m struggling but because I am looking for a fresh perspective.

And who was this mentor? Actually they are a friend of mine who I have known for less than a year but I feel like they know me better than many people, probably because we can talk about anything with each other.

They can see my good bits, give me compliments and encourage me to do new things. All in all, they are actually a really great role model and definitely have attributes which I admire and aspire to have.

Having someone like this around gives you a much-needed confidence boost but also makes you start seeing the best bits in yourself. The bits you ignore, or put down and don’t appreciate for whatever reason.

When we focus on how great we are, it draws us out of ourselves and you realise that actually you have a lot to give. At least that’s what I found when I selected my mentor. I also realised that all my friends see things in me which I almost take for granted but which make me who I am; a reason to celebrate.

All the positive talk gave me a massive feel-good hit and I think I have even begun to love myself a bit. I can appreciate my strengths and, equally, work on my weaknesses. We all have flaws, nobody’s perfect, but not all flaws are weaknesses.

A weakness is only something you see as holding you back.

Sometimes, other people can help you overcome weaknesses but to do that you have to see what they do, and that includes the good and the bad. Having someone who knows you and who you like is the perfect way to work on yourself without becoming too down-hearted as we all tend to see the worst in ourselves.

I think the following quote sums it all up very well:

‘Your body is a perfect machine but it won’t run properly if you hate it.’

So less of the hating and more positive self-talk with a good mentor by your side.

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2 Responses to Week 16: Find yourself a mentor

  1. Great advice. Thanks for sharing

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